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Mediation in Los Angeles

Our Process For Accepting New Cases Works Like This

Mediation Services

Hold a Mediation Consultation

Discuss the issues surrounding the dispute, how mediation can help reach a resolution, and determine whether mediation is the right approach for your situation. Sometimes it is not and I will tell you. But most times we can safe time, money and anxiety using the mediation process.

Mediation Services in Los Angeles

Conduct a Pre-Mediation Conference

Discuss basic information about the mediation process including, how to prepare for the mediation conference, setting mutual goals and expectations, what the parties want to accomplish through mediation, and mediation best practices. You will get a speech from me about honesty

Business Mediation in Los Angeles

Convene a Mediation Conference

The parties explain their positions in the dispute, discuss individual and collective interests, discuss possible solutions, negotiate options, confront potential problems or roadblocks in implementing solutions, and reach mutual decisions regarding resolution.

Divorce Mediation in Los Angeles

International, Global Dispute Resolution

Whyte & Co had been tried and tested in recognized and enforced in jurisdictions around the world. We, at Whyte Mediation, are the pioneers in solving problems. and partnership disputes. Mediation conducted concurrently with arbitration or as a standalone solution can be provided. Business and partnership issues can be resolved without courts.

Whyte Mediation manages cases in state-of-the-art offices, based in Los Angeles and all over the world, in person if asked or via ZOOM. We can come to you to make it work. We maintain a global network of cooperative agreements in various countries, if needed, sharing access to hearing rooms, facilities, and information. Specialized initiatives include Europe, Asia, and the domestic American disputes nationwide, which focuses on the Whyte & Co’s international services and broad-based business knowledge.

Drawing on our 40+ years of experience, our team and systems offers a range of international alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services providing time and cost savings, along with vetted, skilled mediators and advanced technology.

Solve your problem, allow us to suggest how we can be helpful. Call us today at +1 310 283-3939 or email directly to [email protected].

Not every dispute has to end up in court before a Judge that may be in a foul mood. Court, lawyers and your time is expensive and can be emotionally painful, I know. Contact us today and learn why you should “Mediate with a solution.” In fact, contact me directly, I head up our mediation group and welcome your call and your case. My direct number is 310-283-3939.

It takes a certain set of skills and expertise to navigate this changing landscape. Why give the lawyers another pair of Gucci Loafers when you can settle your case in a few painless hours? Come sit in my office, that is a living room set up and relax while we deal with these serious issues together.

Have you been cancelled?

In this crazy world you might get cancelled or get involved in such an event. Or you might get drawn into some form of this “cancellation” without your or your company’s agreement or knowledge. It’s ugly.

You have a choice: 1) do nothing 2) sue and end up in a long-drawn-out litigation (e.g. Johnny Depp) or 3) mediation against or become part of the cancelling party with an agreement to settlement. The decision is yours.

If you have or are being accused of being involved in a “cancellation event” and if it looks like it will get very uncomfortable, as most do, try mediation. Robert Whyte is a specialist in this arena, a leader in this growing sector and will help both sides reach a settlement. The event will never go away, but at least a clean sleight will allow all to move forward.

What should you as the client know about your pricing?

We are not the cheapest, and as with most things in life you do get what you pay for. We are not the “$200 per hour” guys with no experience and quick solutions. We bring our life learned tests and real-life situations, experience, training, understanding and grey hair to every meeting to solve problems and heal feelings. This is NOT something you want too cheap out on!

Mediation cost is $4,200 for eight hours of mediation and case filings. If a case is settled in two hours, then, no money is refunded as a successful conclusion was attained in record time. For additional hours the rate is $525 per hour. A non-refundable deposit of $4,200 is due at the time of scheduling the first mediation conference meeting. All fees are paid in advance and no “discounts” are offered. Do you want discounted work? We do not think so and do not advise you seek a cheaper solution; we are already saving you and your other party thousands from a court appearance(s) and lawyers! Additional mediation time, if needed, is billed in hourly increments paid in advance. Most cases are settled, and paperwork is filed within the eight hours of work based on our experience.

Mediation consists of the following steps:

1) Pre-mediation Conference: in-take call or meeting in our Century City (Los Angeles) living room: Prior to the mediation, I shall reach out to both sides to explain the mediations process or meet with both or either party, assess the appropriateness of the case, and assist each client with video conferencing technologies so they are prepared for the mediation session. We must speak with both sides of the mediation.

2) Welcome and Introduction: At the start of the first mediation session, I will introduce both parties to the mediation process, discuss roles and responsibilities, and review the agreement to mediate. I will stress honesty, including all documents and suggest that keeping secrets will only lead to disagreement and additional conflict.

3) Statement of Every Problem: Each party will have uninterrupted time to share their side of the matter. The initiator of the complaint will speak first about the dispute and what they need to resolve for each issue. Once they finish, the other party (respondent) will have an opportunity to share their perspective of the matter(s).

4) Information Gathering: During the information gathering stage of mediation, each party along with myself will ask probing questions about the dispute to ensure that all the issues are clearly understood by all. This helps lead to a speedy resolution and less conflict.

5) Generating Options: Once all the issues are understood, I will facilitate problem solving of each identified issue. Sometimes during this stage of the process, the parties are placed into different areas of the sessions so that I can initiate confidential discussions to dive deeper into the issues and possible remedies. Again, no secrets, just open discussion.

6) Evaluate Options / Negotiate: After the parties have generated a list of possible solutions to resolve the dispute, I will help the parties evaluate the options and negotiate with each other to find a solution that meets the needs of both sides, we will talk about tax implications and family implications as needed. Should additional professionals be needed for tax or other planning I have a list of suggested people to refer to each case.

7) Agreement: When the parties are able to come to a satisfactory agreement, I shall help document the mediation agreement and as required, complete any necessary court documentation and filings.

I am passionate about mediation because it provides people with an affordable and effective method for resolving their disputes and moving forward. I have seen to many problems become unmanageable and try to circumvent misunderstandings.

Let’s talk about a divorce… better than dealing with lawyers and the courts.

We serve all of the United States, and globally from South America to Asia. We have been helping couples through their Divorce, Legal Separation or Annulment process as well as assisting on business issues for more than 30 years. Mediation will avoid large legal fees and complex courtroom procedures. If you are considering a divorce, legal separation, have child custody or property disputes, we offer a relaxed, informal atmosphere allowing fast and workable settlements. We also help extended families with Estate Conflict resolution and businesses both larger and smaller with partnership disputes.

WE ARE NOT an advocate for either party. We do not take sides and never make suggestions that have not been discussed. We do NOT make the decisions but help guide both parties through the process. We listen, use our training and experience to come to reasonable solutions and help each of the parties stay focused. We find solutions not new problems.


We are a most respected mediation firm located in southern California. We take our client’s privacy seriously and ensure that all protocols are observed to keep cases confidential.


From start to finish, we will handle every aspect of the mediation All clients are treated as a priority and given utmost care by their assigned mediator.


An average litigated divorce in California with an attorney is around $20,000 to $30,000 and can even exceed a million dollars! With Whyte & Co. resolutions rarely exceed $4,200 for both sides!

Safe & Secure Virtual Mediation

Trying to reach a settlement with attorneys can be tedious and emotionally draining for all parties involved. We try to avoid this scenario, by assigning a mediator that will help couples and or businesses reach a working agreement.

Make assets & debts division easy

Our mediators can help you find efficient ways and methods how to divide property and debt. It reduces all the wasted time normally attributed to this process, helping all parties involved focus on the more important matters at hand.

Minimized Paperwork

Our mediators are responsible for helping you prepare all the paperwork necessary for the divorce, and help you file it with the court. This can cover marital settlement agreement covering child custody and support, spousal support and the division of community property and debts.

We offer a complete slate of mediation services for various scenarios:

  • Couples Mediation
  • Child Custody Mediation
  • Adoption Mediation
  • Civil Mediation
  • Commercial Mediation
  • Divorce (parenting)
  • Employment Mediation
  • Business Mediation
  • Land Use Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Communication Skills Training
  • Consensus Building
  • Counseling Services
  • Divorce Seminars
  • Fact Finding

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