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Dispute Resolution

Cornell University – dispute and conflict resolution program
National Association of Certified Mediators – Member and certificate holder

Effective conflict management is a skill for every situation were conflict or disagreement may arise. When harnessed productively, conflict can be a force to build both for the future and a meaningful solution.

Robert Whyte is equipped to surface issues within your workplace or on a personal level to successfully navigate challenging conversations with direct reports, peers, or supervisors or a couple seeking separation where emotions run high and positive outcomes are critical. A master of the skills needed to assess, scope, and diagnose issues from all sides, understand different personal styles, and implement a proven problem-solving approach to find workable resolutions that strengthen relationships and results.

We practice facilitating a challenging conversation that maintains civility and fosters positive outcomes. Then we assist with defining next steps and follow-up needed after a challenging conversation.

We can provide mediation anywhere worldwide in person or using Zoom or other web type meeting conferencing. We can travel to you to help you solve your situation quickly and without a hassle.