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Divorce Mediation in Los Angeles

Divorce Mediation in Los Angeles

Divorce Mediation: A divorce may be difficult, exhausting, and emotionally charged.  When it comes to dividing assets, calculating alimony, and/or determining child custody arrangements, it might be tough to see eye to eye with your spouse. 

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Divorcing couples who can’t seem to agree on the terms of their divorce but don’t want to leave their future in the hands of a judge may find mediation to be a useful tool.

What is Mediation?

This third person does not have the authority to make any decisions about the divorce.

Instead, the mediator meets with each couple separately to assist them resolve their differences. The divorced spouses are in charge of making the ultimate choices. Simply said, the mediator facilitates the conversation’s progress in a positive and beneficial way.

Mediation In Los Angeles
Mediation In Los Angeles

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation is an excellent option for divorcing spouses who want some assistance in completing the terms of their divorce. Mediation is frequently chosen by divorcing spouses in Los Angeles because:

  • It is a less costly alternative to litigating matters in court.
  • The pair, not a neutral third party, makes the final choice.
  • The issue is under the authority of both spouses.
  • It is less stressful than other conflict resolution procedures;
  • Mediation encourages open dialogue in order to get to the heart of a couple’s problems;
  • Mediation hearings are private, which means there is no transcript or record available to the public.
  • Mediation is a terrific place to find common ground and reach an acceptable agreement.

Divorce Mediation Process

Once you’ve decided to employ mediation to resolve your Los Angeles divorce conflicts, you’ll need to choose a mediator you can trust. You may start preparing for the mediation procedure after you and your spouse have agreed on a mediator. You and your attorney will go over the points that are still up for debate in your divorce and decide what arguments will be used to support your position. You’ll also acquire records, proof, and other evidence to assist you make your case.

Here’s what to expect on the day of your divorce mediation hearing in Los Angeles:

The first meeting. The actual mediation procedure will begin with an initial meeting of all parties involved. You, your spouse, your attorneys (if you want them there), and the mediator will sit together and go over the mediation process’ standards and expectations. The mediator will make it clear that the proceedings will be kept private, and you will be required to follow through on that promise. The mediator will also explain that they do not have the ability to make decisions and that their sole purpose is to assist in the resolution of disagreements.

Statements of Intent. Each of you and your spouse will have a chance to give an opening statement. These statements will address the topics you want to explore as well as the resolution you want to attain for yourself.

A Joint Session will be held. To have a better knowledge of your case, ideas, and objectives, the mediator may opt to hold a joint session with you and your spouse. If you and your spouse agree, the mediator may request that you and your spouse have an open and honest discussion about the issues in your case.

Individual Consultations. Because you and your husband can’t agree on certain key issues in your divorce, you’ve chosen to seek mediation. It’s possible that sitting together in a combined session isn’t the greatest technique to get you on the same page. To make progress, the mediator may want to talk with each of you alone. The mediator may walk between these separate sessions, passing material from one spouse to the other.

Settlement and negotiation. When the mediator feels that you and your spouse have made some progress, he or she may decide to bring you and your spouse back together for a combined talk. The mediator will give feedback, examine the topics presented in the individual sessions, and assist the spouses in reaching an amicable agreement. If you and your husband reach an agreement, the mediator may write it down and have you sign it right there on the spot. This agreement will be a legally enforceable contract, and you will be bound by it.

Divorce Mediation in Los Angeles

Are you going through a divorce but having trouble reaching mutually agreed agreements with your spouse? Call Robwert Whyte Mediation in Los Angeles at 310-283-3939   to find out if mediation is the best option for you. Mediation is a strong conflict resolution strategy that may assist you in overcoming difficult difficulties in your divorce.

Divorce Mediation in Los Angeles
Divorce Mediation in Los Angeles

Our attorneys have over two decades of combined legal expertise and have assisted people just like you in achieving great outcomes via mediation. If you are experiencing disagreements with your spouse but want to avoid the expense and hassle of going to court, please contact us now to learn more. We provide a free case review and would be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

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